I have been lucky that in my current job I get to travel a fair bit. There is a certain anxiety that comes with each travel, both of what I will see and learn but at the same time what I will eat. It is vain to think about my immediate food requirement as soon as I land, but its inevitable, I wonder what I will eat. Disembarking from the plane marks my last stop of ‘familiar’ food services! I guess that’s also part of my being a vegetarian, i.e. I don’t eat: egg, fish, beef, chicken, goat, lamb – anything that was a moving creature that was killed and consumed. I do eat milk products (no am not a VEGAN).

Now that I have defined what a vegetarian is – one that is not an “occasional” vegetarian but of 15 years -I can talk about the rest! My travel is always underpinned by the thoughts on what I will eat. I love to explore places but a large part is often eluding me because I cant eat the local foods, enjoy the local cuisine which is an integral part of any culture or country.

Through this blog I will capture all the places I visit and what I do in my quest to find the local vegetarian food, or how I make my way in getting a taste of the local yet staying true to my vegetarian practices.

Upcoming posts about:


Lunch: Cheese, Spinach Sandwich with coffee




Dinner: Black bean rice with raisin


Dinner @ Eataly: Gnocchi with vegetables and cheese


Cheese Enchilada in Guadalupe, Nuevo León, Mexico

Ethiopia and Turkey Coming Up!

One Thought on “Food for/from my travels

  1. Oh it would be nice to read your upcoming posts to learn your food adventures. Btw, You had asked me for crispy accompaniments besides chips and pickles. I have sundried ricecrispies (akki happala), you may want to check it out. http://www.tasteofmysore.com/2009/06/akki-happala-sun-dried-rice-flour.html

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