This post is more of putting out there a very depressing news on burglary and what happens and what one hopes/prays when it happens.

You come to a new country and try and settle in and the first thing that happens to you is someone breaks in and steals your camera and cash! How is one expected to settle in? But then the most vulnerable people in any situation are these kinds who havent had a chance to settle in. Ok so now this burglary happened and you dont have a choice but to quickly get over the shock and deal with the police, who ofcourse is not the most encouraging! They dont really care if what you have lost is worth a LOT of money for YOU.. coz this happens and there isnt much that they can do. A very rational and practical mind would be able to see that there is no choice out of this but to move on and deal with your loss, but a slightly overhopeful one prays and prays for some miracle to happen and for the thieves to be caught.

(I continue to pray for it)

Then the next day you are sitting in the library and you hear fire alarms go off and its the most loudest piercing noise that you would hear. So you gather your stuff and run out. Wondering whats going on, ofcourse the excitement of it being your first encounter with fire department makes it a less scary affair, but as you gather you dont see any smoke and / or fire… Ok now the bizarre strikes is this a drill? test?

Fellow students are getting mad coz they couldnt shut down their computer, save the document they were working on. It better not be a drill.. so indirectly they are wanting it to be a real fire!! Ok tooooo uncanny for me!!

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