This post has to be symbolic of the most random posting..

I have not been able to find answer to my very simple and least thought provoking question, where are the lights/bulbs in the rooms in houses in LA? I come into my new house and walk into my bedroom in the day its so well lit, thanks to the natural source of light, the Sun, but at night I turn on the switch (oh yeah there is a switch, the purpose of which i shall tell later) and ahoy there is still darkness!! Now is it just me or is there somthing missing?

I look around and turn on all the other swtiches in the house, some light up, like in the kitchen, in the rest-room and in the corridor. But what about in my bedroom.. So I finally give up and ask a neighbour, oh yeah we dont have lights here in the bedrooms you have to buy lamps! So finally am like OK its not a conspiracy against me in the US but really a way of life! Houses have lights in every room other than the bedroom! Ok now I get it.

But wait a minute, WHY? Now now who goes into asking why for such situations, and if you are bespectacled and think you want to be a professor and ask this question, you get the look which if translated into words would be – thats how it is, simple! But am sure that there has to be a reason there can’t be no reason. I mean this is the United States for heaven’s sake, a developed country showing the world ‘light’ on countless issues. Also I am sure I am not the first person asking this question (or Am I???), so someone would have answered it before.

So what does a bespectacled-find-answer-to-my-question person like me do, open Nile and google!
ok no surprises I dont find an answer to my question. I give up and go get me a lamp. Though am still looking to find an answer.

Ok now to answer the mystery of that switch in my room, which didnt really turn on any lights, neither did it turn on the airconditiong (which before I came to US I was told every house has.. liars!) so what does it turn on? It turns the electricity plug point near my bed on 🙂

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