When I came across this article, I hadnt seen the videos below. As a student of communication and power relations, such examples of subaltern media – to create a space of difference, is always fascinating. Ofcourse those who dont read Hindi, would find it hard to follow, but the gist of the matter you can read in this article as well. (btw, the vidoes are in a 3 parts so click on the arrow at the right edge of the screen)

Enough has been said about dowry and abolishing the practice. So when I watched this video I liked its simple way of communicating the message, but what struck me most was the ease with which the ‘community’ reached a consensus on it. Often that is the bigger evil! Ofcourse dowry is illegal but does that knowledge convert to practice? (Incase you are going to say, yes, let me correct you) NO.

So how do we ‘do’ a NO, even when we KNOW?

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