There are countless times in any woman’s lives that we cross a road or a street and cant help but want to scream ‘stop looking’. Eve-teasing has been tackled by various people through different ways, for some of my favourite instances, see this project or the video below from Jagori‘s project Safe Delhi. Eve-teasing happens even when one doesnt know its happening, it does not need to be a whistle, a touch or anything more obvious, all it takes is – that ‘look’ or even the intention of that ‘look’.

BUT all its takes to stop is that firm action, that scream, that slap!

When I came across this article, I hadnt seen the videos below. As a student of communication and power relations, such examples of subaltern media – to create a space of difference, is always fascinating. Ofcourse those who dont read Hindi, would find it hard to follow, but the gist of the matter you can read in this article as well. (btw, the vidoes are in a 3 parts so click on the arrow at the right edge of the screen)