Keep it simple silly – thats what I could think of when I saw this video! Its a simple way of combining, words, with pictures and voice over! The message however that it communicates has nothing simple about it. Girls and women face challenges that could break the most hardest of us but they still manage to overcome their circumstances and give hope. Its a simple but powerful video and am glad that powerful forces such as New York Times and International Herald Tribune have combined their resources and reach to capture these stories.

Curing with tea, well thats true for me 🙂 or is it that I am conditioned to think so, since am a girl, hmmm. I wonder. But Meena doesn’t in this episode. Equal pay, equal medical care, equal opportunities for both male and female – in all aspects of life.

I like this episode, but am thinking is humiliating those traditionally in ‘positions of power’ the best way to achieve equality? Can we achieve win-win or will there always be some-lose some-win?