The 58th Commission on the Status of Women is currently underway in New York, USA. It started on the 10th of March and will go on till 21st of March. This annual meeting of hundreds of women, men, government officials, ministers, national delegations, girl’s groups, boy’s groups, NGOs, and other stake-holders at the United Nations is to discuss this year’s priority theme, Challenges and achievements in the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals for women and girls.

Inevitably there are a whole host of new initiatives and campaigns that are launched/announced at this annual meeting. This year I have started my own ‘campaign’ to gather information about all the campaigns both launched and mentioned during #CSW58 and compile them in one place. This is an incomplete list in all likelihood but my hope is that I will be able to get people to leave comments with those that are missing from this compilation to help me along!

So lets get started shall we!

Campaigns @ CSW58

Tweets about the various campaigns launched or mentioned at CSW58.

  1. European Commission campaign: Science its a girl thing
  2. Campaign to build on equality, based on the stereotypes you are trying to fight. “Science: It’s a girl thing!” 
  3. ITU's campaign: Girls in ICT Day 24 April
  4. UN Women campaign: He for She
  5. UN Women campaign: Beijing+20
  6. From the NGO briefing, “#Empoweringwomen is empowering humanity” an upcoming @Unwomen campaign. @WomenNC @womenlive #CSW58
  7. Zim gvt launched campaign against rape and women continue to demand stiffer sentences for rapists@FemnetProg#CSW58@263Chat
  8. The Coalition Against Trafficking in Women and Girls in Latin America and the Caribbean
  9. Unbreakable Campaign by Progressio 
  10. Our campaign action has been handed in to @JustineGreening at the #CSW58! Thank you to all for taking action
  11. Plan Global: Because I am a Girl 
  12. .@PlanGlobal‘s #BecauseIAmAGirl Campaign looked to support 4million girls directly through programs #csw58 #vawg
  13. BanBossy
  14. SG's UNiTE Campaign
  15. Cities4CEDAW campaign
  16. 16 Days of Activism campaign
  17. Balakrishnan: The 16 Days campaign from @CWGL_Rutgers has been on going for 20 years. #CSW58 #WSW2015 #WILPF100
  18. Vlogs by Mandem On The Wall's
  19. Say No to Exploitation of Humans for Profit campaign
  20. Global campaign “Say No to Exploitation of Humans for Profit” launches Mar 13 11:30EST, rm C (CB) UN Headquarters #CSW58 @TIATaskForce
  21. Equal Pay Day Campaign:
  22. Equal Pay Day Campaign- if women in N.A. made same as men= $430,000 in her lifetime! #CSW58
  23. A 12 year old twin Sister & Brother just addressed the room to start their campaign to stop and END #FGM #Inspiring #YoungVoices #CSW58
  24. Men Care campaign
  25. The impetus for the MenCare campaign: to address the unfair care work divide, & because, men gravitate towards the idea. #MenCarePlus #CSW58
  26. Unite 4 Education campaign
  27. World Pulse's 'Women weave the web' campaign:
  28. .@WorldPulse currently doing a campaign around digital access, literacy & empowerment; want girls & women to write & speak out. #CSW58
  29. Intel's She will connect campaign
  30. @phumzileunwomen : @UN_Women & Intel are now partnering in the “She Will Connect” to encourage the use of #ICTs for women and girls- #CSW58
  31. Microsoft's Big Dream movement
  32. @Empower_Women Rane Johnson of @Microsoft announces launch of Big Dream Movement to support women & girls interested in #ICT careers #CSW58
  33. Let Girls' Lead Campaign
  34. At the global launch of ¡PODER! which highlights the work of @LetGirlsLead in Guatemala! #CSW58 #letgirlslead
  35. Cyber safe girl
  36. With 3 of 4 Atlantic Ministers respon for Status of Women @ cyber safe girl launch, amazing leaders #CSW58 #cybergirl
  37. International Women's Media Foundation 
  38. @ #CSW58 side event on #women, ICTs and #pressfreedom. @IWMF will launch global survey on violence against female journalists
  39. ISIS's linking the networks campaign
Ad series for UN Women by Memac Ogilvy & Mather Dubai

Ad series for UN Women by Memac Ogilvy & Mather Dubai

In my previous posts here and here I have lamented how mainstream advertising agencies most often perpetuate the stereotypes when portraying women so lo and behold when I see a mainstream advertising firm taking up the issue of stereotyping I was excited to see it but unfortunately that was short-lived. This recent campaign by UN Women using Google’s instant search tool box to “reveals widespread sexism” has stirred many an emotion. They range from disbelief to evidence of what they knew already.

But is Google telling the truth? Google Instant is an “autocomplete” feature – which, according to their site is:” a search enhancement that shows results as you type.”

It is based on the company’s careful mining of hundreds of billions of searches performed each month. For anyone who wants to know how Google describe how it works here’s the official blog explaining during its launch. It is important to understand how this works before we use its results and say its telling the truth. Perhaps its seemless-ness in our daily search imparts the impression that its the truth. Google seems to know most often what I am looking for when I start typing in the search box, hence my conclusion is that it knows what I want – and when what it throws up as result is exactly what I wanted – I begin to feel that it is telling me “the truth”. I am exaggerating the chain of thought but in a sense the UN Women campaign is basing it on this principle – What google search is showing is the “truth”.

The campaign though powerful misses the important consideration which is that Google instant is based on an algorithm that uses important factors such as your location, your search history, your language, your timing, your browsing history, the “freshness” of any topic in determining what text to complete your sentence with. Here’s a dated but useful article to show how it works in detail. All these factors including Google’s policy on what it censors influences what shows up.

From a campaign point of view its capitalizing on 1 factor: shock factor, not just the shock of how deeply rooted sexism is but the shock of seamless integration of Google instant search box in our lives. Which is a good campaign but it is also using incorrectly the public perception that there is a direct linearity of relationship between what Google autocomplete throws up with what we all really think (ie is the truth). The bigger problem for me is not what this campaign is subtly but definitely using but rather the ability of a company to use its algorithmic prowess to feed us what we should be believing as the truth. The great danger this poses is that we are stuck in a loop of information that reinforces incorrect information for all future searches. One way, at least for me, was to turn autocomplete off just by changing one setting. I recommend trying it then perhaps we will really search for what we wanted rather than be sucked into believing what is being fed to us is what we were looking for.

Let this post not confuse you that I am saying sexism does not exist, let it not be misread for one minute that we are not surrounded by injustice towards women. That is the truth. But this post is not about that and if you did not understand that well then this post was lost on you.

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