I have been lucky that in my current job I get to travel a fair bit. There is a certain anxiety that comes with each travel, both of what I will see and learn but at the same time what I will eat. It is vain to think about my immediate food requirement as soon as I land, but its inevitable, I wonder what I will eat. Disembarking from the plane marks my last stop of ‘familiar’ food services! I guess that’s also part of my being a vegetarian, i.e. I don’t eat: egg, fish, beef, chicken, goat, lamb – anything that was a moving creature that was killed and consumed. I do eat milk products (no am not a VEGAN).

Now that I have defined what a vegetarian is – one that is not an “occasional” vegetarian but of 15 years -I can talk about the rest! My travel is always underpinned by the thoughts on what I will eat. I love to explore places but a large part is often eluding me because I cant eat the local foods, enjoy the local cuisine which is an integral part of any culture or country.

Through this blog I will capture all the places I visit and what I do in my quest to find the local vegetarian food, or how I make my way in getting a taste of the local yet staying true to my vegetarian practices.

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Lunch: Cheese, Spinach Sandwich with coffee




Dinner: Black bean rice with raisin


Dinner @ Eataly: Gnocchi with vegetables and cheese


Cheese Enchilada in Guadalupe, Nuevo León, Mexico

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