.. for those who watch videos online. But when I watch videos online I DONT like downloading plug-ins after plug-ins and restart the browser and do all that and then be told its buffering! So my question is : does standardization of format happen? can it happen? who can make it happen? how can they make it happen? who does the nonstandardization serve? who does this nonstandardization hurt?

I found this video on youtube about real player, am not bashing real player but well its not the most universally easy to work with. Let us know if you find similar videos on other video formats.

I have always been a huge fan of bread… plain wheat, mixed grain, sourdough, etc. And when I found this documentary by Yasmin Fedda on oneworld tv I had to see it. I found this subtle yet intricately captured film about the daily life of Gerald Breadmakers in Edinburg very charming. It may not offer you any great insights into the actual process of bread making but what you do realise is what makes this bread special.

I would love to show this video to a group of women from any rural community in India – especially since I wouldnt need to translate/dub etc. The message is clear and yet simply delivered.

If you know of anymore of such videos feel free to leave a comment here with the link we will feature it.

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