Ofcourse they are not related.. well atleast not till i went today for a fabulous cappella music performance at Bovard Auditorium. For those like me who dont know what this type of music is like, here is something on it, from the all answering wikipedia.

Now that we all know what is this music, I was wondering if it has something to do with evoking a sense of patriotism .. or maybe its true for any music that is heralding or well arousing that sense of belonging to a place/community. It was an interesting experience being with some 200+ i guess undergraduate freshmen/women and feeling this sense of ‘youthfulness’ and pride that came with being around these young bloods .. at this point you must know am feeling quite old.. with songs celebrating USC and looking down on UCLA.. I couldnt help but join in the singing .. and ending with a high note when we screamed.. UCLA SUCKS!

Am not given to extreme emotions of this nature, but I guess its ok to give in once in a while!!

Ok ok I am not trying to show off that I can do intellectual writing, but well I attempt it for sure. I opened Nile (my mac) hoping to read my mails and then get down to reading and writing a reaction paper for one of my classes. Well I certainly wont have a lot of emails to read since I did read them an hour or so ago. So I open my mail and read this subscription list to which I re-subscribed after leaving my job, and was like whats going on with the fighting on this list.

But I knew better to waste time on it and moved on to another mail which is the reason I am writing this blog instead of ahem, reading my mails, doing reading and writing a reaction paper!! A news piece about police brutality in Bihar’s Bhagalpur city. Now now you would need to read it to know what I am talking about, here.

Now after reading that I was like hmm thats interesting, let me read about the previous case, and then about another such case etc etc. So I safely spent about 2 hours doing nothing but reading different news pieces on an incident which to my Indian cynical side is shocking yet almost like commonplace – dont get me wrong we Indians are NOT used to police brutality BUT are used to reading about it and knowing that really nothing much gets done.

Ok so there goes my reading, and writing intellectual paper… ahem.. adventure!! I try and I think I keep trying to find out is it only me flitting from one harmless email reading to another to a news pieces to being inquisitive about more such reading or is it a common practice amongst email readers. I am forced to ask the question is it just a scatter brained reader like me or is there something more significant happening to the reading practice in this information world… Hmmmmmm